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Van der Lee Seafish in Urk. A single address for all your seafood. Van der Lee Seafish was established in 1973 and in the course of time it has earned a reputation in the international fish world as one of the leading fish suppliers in Europe. We no longer have to shout about how much experience we have in fish, we are well-established on the international market. We do, however, want to show that we continue to invest in our modern production facilities and that we continue to innovate with regard to our range of products, so that we continue to uphold our excellent reputation in fish.

Global import and export of seafood

What started as a filleting company has grown to become an important fish importer and exporter of sea fish and farmed fish and a manufacturer of seafood products in just 40 years. Our complete range has more than 100 products.

Van der Lee Seafish offers the world's finest fish in a single place

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Van der Lee Seafish commissions UK 136 ‘Drakkar’ into service

Van der Lee Seafish has recently commissioned their new acquisition, the UK 136, into service. This modern fishing trawler replaces the HD 70. This was the first vessel used by Van der Lee Seafish after the fish producer made the strategic decision to purchase their own fishing trawler with fishing rights in 2016. With the

Van der Lee Seafish continues its plotted course with new fishing trawler

Van der Lee Seafish took the strategic decision in April of 2016 to purchase their own fishing trawler including fishing rights; the HD 70. This newly set course worked out well. During the past year and a half, we have experienced that this way Van der Lee Seafish is assured of sufficient supply of qualitative

Come and visit us at the Seafood Expo Global in Brussels

We are back in action this year. Van der Lee Seafish will be presenting itself with a stand of its own at one of the most important international business exhibitions for fish: Seafood Expo Global in Brussels(25, 26, 27 April). In addition to the large and well-known assortment of fish and fish products, close attention